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Do you ship domestically (within the US)?

Yes, we do provide shipping for all items in stock.  All products purchased from our store are insured through transit.  Once you have purchased an item we will work with you on a convenient delivery date as a signature is required upon delivery.  A shipping charge will be added to your order.  Unfortunately, we do not ship internationally yet.

Do you sell 24kt gold items?

Yes, we do sell 24 kt gold bullion items.  We commonly sell 1 oz (31.1 grams) Maple Leaf Coins and Suisse Bars; 2.5,5,and 10 grams Suisse Bars.  We also sell 24 kt Gold bangles and Kadas.

What is your return policy?

All sales are final and we do not give any refunds.  You are allowed to exchange items within 7 days of purchase provided the sales tag has not been altered in any way and is on the item, and the jewelry is in the original condition it was received from us.  If an item was altered in any way prior to leaving our store, these items are not eligible for exchanges or store credits as they are not in the original condition and are considered custom items.  Please feel free to contact us for any additional clarification.

How much do 24 Kt gold items cost and  how do I purchase a 24 Kt gold item?

An 1 oz Suisse Bar/Maple Leaf Coin will cost the 24 Kt Gold Spot Price plus a Premium.  The premium is the additional cost of a billion coin above the spot price of the precious metal commodity.  We use for our 24 Kt. gold spot price.

We only take orders in person from Monday, Wednesday through Friday from 11 am - 4:30 pm (when the Market is open).  We cannot take orders on Federal Holidays when the market is closed.  Please note that we are closed on Tuesdays and will only take orders on Tuesday if there is a significant drop in the gold price.  In those instances, we will call customers who have deposits with us from the past month that we will book for them.  

For our customer's convenience, we do take orders over the phone if the customer leaves a deposit with us.  Please call us at 713-789-4653 for further clarification.

Are you closed on national holidays?

We rarely are closed on national holidays unless the holiday falls on a Tuesday.  We do have shorter hours during certain holidays and will announce those hours on our website, yelp, and our social media platforms.

Where do you get your gold from?

All our gold is made in India and is considered export quality.  These items have to past U.S. Customs regulations and adhere to strict guidelines.  All our items are 100% what we claim them to be and will melt at the karat point for that item.  For example, our 22 Karat Gold Necklace Sets will melt to 22 Karat and nothing less.  Sometimes due to soldering techniques, necklace sets bought elsewhere can melt at lower karat points.

Why should I buy jewelry at your store as opposed going to India?

When you buy anything at Kirti you are given a guarantee that what we have sold you is exactly what you have bought.  This has remained true for us for the last 30 years, and we have no plans of changing this for the next 30 years.

Our prices are extremely competitive and our craftsmanship is exceptional.  If properly cared for, our items will last you generations!

What is your warranty policy?

We stand behind our products and if there is a manufacturing defect we will do everything we can to make it right.  If we determine that the damage is not caused by a manufacturing defect, then we will notify you of the repair costs associated.

Slight variations in craftsmanship or natural characteristics are considered part of the character of the item and should not be considered a defect.  Most items are hand-made by artisans, and will have slight irregularities due to the nature of which it is made.

What if my jewelry breaks or a stone falls out, will you fix it free of charge?

If we deem that the item broke due to a manufacturing defect then we will definitely repair it free of charge.

Please note that jewelry is susceptible to damages associated with normal wear, activities or trauma.  This is especially true for items worn on a daily basis as they are regularly subjected to considerable abuse.  We do not provide a warranty against damage due to theft, loss of stones, product loss, or normal wear.  

Do you repair items?

We can repair items that are 22 Karat Gold, and/or 18 Karat Diamond jewelry.  We will assess the damage and provide options for you to consider when repairing the items.  If requested, we can provide a repair estimate before proceeding with the estimate.  The best way to assist cost is to bring an item in, sometimes we are able to fix the item on the spot at no cost to you.

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